4:29 am
Monday morning
Southern California

Out on the East coast
People preparing for the new day and week ahead
Shoveling out from the snow and cold
Makes them wonder why they ever chose to live there in the first place
Out on the West coast
People blissfully asleep
Warm, peaceful, oblivious
Two minutes later………
Apocalyptic confusion
Glass breaking, children screaming, walls moving
Bridges falling, buildings collapsing, and the earth is……..
Angry, intense, violent, deadly
Something dark swallows Eden and then immediately spits it back out
Paradise is transformed and turns to Hell in less than 30 seconds
Nothing will ever be the same
But then again, nothing ever is

Floods, fires, riots, earthquakes, unrest
Southern California in the early 90s
A time of change, upheaval, chaotic energy, and new direction
Amidst the fire, smoke, rubble, and ash, a tiny spark is ignited
Two families move to the high desert north of L.A.
And unwittingly become not only Neighbors, but friends
They are destined to remain "Neighbors"
Even as they move 400, and then 2,000 miles away

The nucleolus of ACIDMYERS,
A Bass player and a guitar player, begin to "jam"
Their influences already more than 2,000 miles apart
Blues, Jazz, and Pop
Compared to Heavy Metal and Hard Rock
One Red and the other Blue
Alone, they were destined to create one dimensional works
Songs that were either completely red or completely blue
However, together they were able to mix and create
other alchemistic shades and colors
And every so often, they were able to magically create yellow
And were thereby armed with a multi-dimensional rainbow,
Allowing them to create art that resonated simply in that

It was an exercise in creativity
Beats and rhythms
Chords and individual notes
Melodies and harmonies
Inspired by the moment
And then immediately swallowed by the next
Songs that were brazen, lithe, and free
Songs that would float aimlessly
And then vanish into the dry, vast, California night air
Or perhaps linger in that space indefinitely like friendly ghosts
Waiting to touch future friends, families, and generations
And wrap them in enchanted, warm surprise
Sprung from the essence that made those notes sing and echo
when they were originally created

It was a time of friendship
Good times, good food, good drink
Laughter, exploration, and growth
We shared the bread and tasted the wine
It was everything that has brought us to this point
Music is freedom, Music is life, Music is salvation
Music is the path to transcendence
Music is God